Mechwarrior Confirmed!

By Aerodynamo, 9 years ago
I can only handle Chromehounds so long before the over-complexity and unnecessary slowness of the game makes me want to blow my brains out... but handle it no more!

Mechwarriors has been confirmed for release on PC and Xbox360. Developers Piranha Games, who worked on the Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen video-game adaptation, will be the ones working on the new Mechwarrior installment.

I know what you're thinking! "But that game stunk, Aero!" Some like it, some don't, but keep in mind that movie games are rushed for release. Also, as Kotaku happily points out, Piranha Games weren't the lead developers of the game... so there is still hope!

I remember when there was a Mechwarrior game you could play through AOL. You type in the keyword, pull up the game screen, pay a dollar, and you can hop in your Mech and fight some dudes... it was great fun! Well, now that fun is coming to my 360 in the form of a polished, beautiful, giant-robot war game!

Credit for this story goes to N0RVY