Dance Central 2 Venues

By litepink, 7 years ago
The venues from the first Dance Central were fitting but probably somewhat forgettable. Maybe that's just me though, as I wasn't looking at my TV much while doing head spins and The Worm.

Harmonix is aiming to diversify their dance locations more this time around. Dance Central 2 features all-new stages ranging from a yacht (I'm on a boat!), to the subway, and even a mini-golf course. Each of the different areas have alternative backgrounds as well, further varying the style of the game. The following behind the scenes trailer showcases these and other venues to shake your moneymaker on.

While the first title was definitely very solid, the style and presentation of the second is looking like it's going to outdo it exponentially. More evidence of this can be found in our coverage of the game's characters and crews. Harmonix also looks to streamline the gameplay even more with the voice commands and the updated Break It Down mode.

Those who have Dance Central may want to check out the track importing details, which will cost 400 MSP or free when pre-ordering from select retailers.

Dance Central 2 comes to us October 21st in Europe and October 25th in North America.
Credit for this story goes to HUstlinonradio