Fusion: Genesis Revealed for XBLA

By litepink, 7 years ago
Fusion: Genesis is a twin-stick space adventure MMO shooter coming from Starfire Studios and published by Microsoft Game Studios. The developer was assembled with some former Rare staff and are "focused on designing and creating the games they love and have passion for."

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Starfire is promising Fusion: Genesis to be a robust experience, with tons of solo and co-op missions:

Unravel a sinister conspiracy in a galaxy on the brink of civil war in this Action RPG only on Xbox LIVE Arcade. Explore an "always connected" dynamic multiplayer environment, featuring 6 epic storylines, 100's of solo and co-op quests, over 100 ships and a plethora of weapons, upgrades and skills.
Choose your side. Expose the truth. Become a hero.

Spanning light-years the Fusion: Genesis universe allows you to adventure through a vast array of levels and missions. Escort imperial convoys, defend your base from invading fleets, infiltrate enemy lines or mine for rare and exotic minerals to become the wealthiest trader alive! Choose to fight epic battles in player versus player warzones, or cooperate to defend space stations from Dark Legion Raids or join other heroes to overcome the terrible guardians of the mysterious Ark.

To survive in the chaos of space amidst the warring factions you will have to use every skill, trick and weapon at your disposal.
All of this is on display in the very first trailer for the game.

There's more though. Genesis won't be alone, as Fusion: Sentinent was also revealed for Windows Phone 7, but from a different yet-to-be announced studio. The two games will offer connectivity in order to trade items. Sentinents also play a role in the XBLA game.

Sentinents are creatures loyal to you and your ship and can help you in the challenging and deadly threats you will find in the Fusion: Genesis universe. Hovering around your ship they can be taught and levelled up with skills and are able to be equipped with weapons to aid the fire power that you have. In addition to this you are able to sell or trade Sentinents with other players on the Fusion: Genesis in-game marketplace or between Fusion: Sentinent players
The Starfire official site offers up a ton more about the game's weapons, factions, missions, and the vast galaxy of Fusion: Genesis.

There is currently no release window for either Fusion: Genesis or Fusion: Sentinent.