Ghost Rider Coming to Pinball FX 2

By Dog of Thunder, 7 years ago
A long time ago, Zen Studios hosted a poll asking the public to vote on which Marvel superheroes they wanted to see new tables of in Pinball FX2 (Xbox 360). The winner of the poll was Ghost Rider, which is why people were a bit surprised when we saw The Fantastic Four and Captain America released with no word on Ghost Rider.

Finally, at San Diego Comic Con this past summer, we were told Ghost Rider would be included as one of four new tables in the "Vengeance and Virtue" pack coming this winter. Now, at New York Comic Con, Zen Studios has released the Ghost Rider trailer showing us the Stunt Show From Hell:

That armored angel is Zadkiel and the big red guy with horns that came out of the middle of the table? That would be Lucifer.

Tomorrow, Zen Studios will be revealing the first "Virtue" table to be included in their latest pack of Marvel Pinball DLC. "Vengeance and Virtue" has no set release date or price, though this Newshound is estimating it to be 800 MSP (matching the original batch of Marvel Pinball DLC) this December.