Rocksmith Delayed in Europe

By Michelle Balsan, 7 years ago
For those about to rock... we have some bad news. Well, bad news if you're in Europe at least. Just as Ubisoft was getting ready to launch their rhythm title, Rocksmith, unto the world, a lawsuit has emerged in Europe which will bar the game from release in that region.

Back in August, members of the band Rocksmith caught wind of the fact that Ubisoft intended to release a game by the same name. At that time, they attempted to contact Ubisoft to work out a solution that would see the band and the game get a little cross promotion.

Kris Ford, the band's percussionist, discussed with Eurogamer what led to a formal suit being filed:
I wrote to Ubisoft and said, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but I already own the name Rocksmith, and I've just discovered you're planning on launching the game. Instead of messing around getting involved in big legal issues, why don't we do some kind of deal, because obviously I've got the band, you've got the game, the two would work well side-by-side. We could promote the game, you could promote the band - we'll even give you some songs to put on there.
What was Ubisoft's response to this? According to Ford, "they just ignored" him.

After the suit was filed, Ubisoft threatened Ford with a defamation of character action based on what he has said to the media about the suit.

Ubisoft has now formally pushed the release of Rocksmith in Europe to sometime in 2012. The publisher lists "music licensing" as a factor, but the following statement also acknowledges their legal tiff with the band.

We confirm that Christopher Ford [sic] has filed a complaint regarding our request to trademark the name Rocksmith for a video game. We respect the rules that the trademark office has set up to handle this kind of issue and will respond accordingly.
Rocksmith is still set to make its US debut on October 18th.
Michelle Balsan
Written by Michelle Balsan
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