LOTR: War In The North Screens With A Difference

By Rebecca Smith, 7 years ago
When we say we have screenshots for you, we usually embed a number of images into the article for you to view at your pleasure. The newest two screenshots for Lord of the Rings: War In the North are different. These screenshots give you a 360o view of two instances within the game, as the Fellowship of Human, Elf and Dwarf find themselves in unfortunate situations with Agandaûr’s minions.

The first 'screenshot' shows the adventurers in Mirkwood, The dark, forested area lies to the east of the Misty Mountains. Home to the Elves, the dark unaltered landscape also attracts the forces of evil.

The second 'screenshot' sees the adventurers at Mount Gundabad, situated in the heights of the intersection between the Misty Mountains and the Grey Mountains. Despite serving the purpose of a Dwarven sacred land, orcs have since taken over the area and turned it into one of their most powerful strongholds.

Those enemies are only small-fry compared to the Barrow-wight Lord though. The tombs of Barrow-downs are the sacred burial grounds of the Rangers. At least they were; the Barrow-wight Lord now hides in the tombs amongst the fallen dead, brought back to life using magic to spread evil through the darkness and atmosphere of death. He rules over his legion of Barrow-wights and can use his powers to turn friends against each other. To defeat this legion and its leader, the Fellowship will need to use the "battle cry of the dwarf, the sword of the human, [and] the staff of the elf". Only the strongest of Fellowships will survive the encounter.

Here is the Wight Lord in his very own "Big Boss" vignette:

Lord of The Rings: War in The North is due to be released in North America on November 1st, November 2nd in Australia and November 4th in Europe. Unfortunately, the game has been delayed until November 25th in the UK.
Rebecca Smith
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