Halo: Anniversary Kinect Functions Detailed

By DavieMarshall, 7 years ago
Speaking during New York Comic-Con, and reported by IGN, 343 Industries have unveiled details of Kinect sensor compatibility with the upcoming Halo remake.

Three specific uses of Kinect's voice recognition capabilities were discussed at the event:

Voice Commands - Allows player to switch between Classic and Remastered graphics, switch weapons, throw grenades and more.

Analyze Mode - Scan items during single-player into an in-game 'library'.. Currently supported are vehicles, characters, enemies and weapons. Players can activate Analyze Mode by saying "scan" whilst holding your reticule on an item.

The Library - The Library mentioned above is a complete database where detailed item info unlocked and earned by the player can be searched and read. Content is accessible via Kinect's gesture recognition.
Microsoft have said before now that whilst Kinect integration may be added into Halo: Anniversary, core gameplay values will remain unaffected by Kinect.
Credit for this story goes to boydo1990