PSA: Ticker Tuesday is Now Live in Gears of War 3

By litepink, 7 years ago
Cliff Bleszinski (@therealcliffyb on Twitter) of Epic Games has confirmed that Ticker Tuesday will NOT count towards the War Supporter Medal.

When we reported the Ticker Tuesday event coming to, we all made some assumptions as to what the event would encompass based off similar, past events in

It's safe to say that we all pretty much assumed every wave in Horde would be "all tickers", with perhaps normal boss waves with Brumaks and the like. Even though tickers are quite deadly on the Insane difficulty, the Ticker Tuesday event was shaping up to be a way to possibly making the Enriched and Fortified achievement a little easier with proper planning and map selection.

Well, it appears we have assumed wrong, and Ticker Tuesday isn't quite like we first thought. For starters, there are just more tickers, not all tickers. Also, things are made more difficult with an increased blast radius, as if those pesky tickers on Insane weren't troublesome enough. Here's a short description of the event from the Epic Community forums:

Here they come! Today is Ticker Tuesday and we have added boatloads of Tickers in Horde. We have to give you fair warning though, don’t get too close! We’ve also added huge explosions. Anything that blows up will have an increased damage radius, so be careful when shooting an enemy that is by a team mate.

Ticker Tuesday runs through tomorrow morning at 9:00 AM EST.
What's more, is that players are reporting that they are not getting credit for their War Supporter medal for participating in Gears 3 events, and subsequently affecting the Socialite and Seriously 3.0 achievements. Some people have even gone through all 50 waves of Horde with no credit awarded towards their medal. Epic hasn't responded yet as to whether this is intentional or would be getting fixed. Time is 'ticking' however, as the event only lasts until tomorrow morning.

So, you've been warned, Ticker Tuesday isn't quite like we first imagined. You may want to check it out anyways, as a live fix may pop up for the War Supporter issue, or perhaps it'll even be credited retroactively.

Regardless of the scope of the event, try it out and have fun. There's obviously tons more Gears 3 events coming, and we'll keep you updated on them as we learn more about them.