Karaoke Revolution: Glee Vol. 3 Coming in November

By litepink, 7 years ago
"...She took the midnight train goin' an-y-wheeeeerrreee"

I'll save my vocals for Karaoke Revolution: Glee Vol. 3 when it launches on the Xbox 360 this November. Arriving on an HD console for the first time, KR: Glee promises to bring you many of the hits and performances of the second season of Glee.

Konami has revealed a partial song list for you to get your gleek on, including some of Season 2's original songs:

• Billionaire
• Born This Way
• Firework
• Just The Way You Are (Amazing)
• Last Christmas
• Loser Like Me
• Lucky
• Marry You
• River Deep/Mountain High
• The Time Warp
• Toxic
There are also many more key features to the game, many of them optimized and exclusive to the Xbox 360. Multiplayer, DLC, leaderboards, and more:

•Popular Song Lineup - Sing up to 35 of your favorite songs from Season 2 and re-live classic scenes from the show.
•Memorable Performances from Season 2 - Perform alongside your favorite GLEE characters in unforgettable performances from episodes including 'Britney/Brittany', 'Auditions', 'The Rocky Horror Glee Show', and more.
•Party With GLEE - Compete in multiplayer singing games, including modes with up to six players.

-All-New Downloadable Content (Xbox 360 only) - Extend your gaming experience with additional downloadable songs from the first two releases of Karaoke Revolution Glee.
-Experience GLEE in High Definition (Xbox 360 only) – For the first time on Xbox 360, experience all of your favorite GLEE songs and music performances in HD quality!
-Compare Your Rankings with Fellow Gleeks Online (Xbox 360 only) – Enjoy new online leaderboards and see your score ranking against other karaoke players from around the world.
So, it appears that the definitive edition of KR: Glee will be on Xbox 360, and the option to download songs from the Wii-exclusive Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 lets Xbox 360 owners catch up a bit and get songs from the magical first season.

I don't care how the game fares in reviews, and I don't care about the negative things people will say about it (likely in the comments below even). I know that I'll be getting this game, and there's nothing anyone else can do to bring me down about it. Come to think about it... that's like being a true Glee Club member; expressing my individuality no matter what others think.

Sing alongside Rachael, Finn, Kurt, Quinn, Mercedes and the rest of the Glee Club when Karaoke Revolution: Glee Vol. 3 releases November 22nd.