Gears of War 3's 'Hardcore Weekend' Details Emerge

By Jonathan Barnes, 7 years ago
After all of the hullaballoo surrounding yesterday’s "non-event", Ticker Tuesday, Epic’s Director of Production, Rod Fergusson (@GearsViking to the Twitteratti), took to the tweets to give a few details about the, previously elusive, Hardcore Weekend which is set to kick off on Friday morning, October 21st.

Hardcore #Gearsweekend - Gnasher Only Playlist, Warzone/Execution get 5 rounds and original stalemates and public Horde becomes "Hardcore"
Fergusson also confirmed that, yes, this weekend will count towards the War Supporter medal and Socialite achievement. Furthermore, he confirmed that the Gnasher-Only playlist will have its own playlist… which is a playlist.

So, Gearheads, will this Gnasher-Only playlist be enough to wean you off of the Sawed-Off? Personally, I hope so, because that thing tends to make me a bloody mess of viscera. 's Hardcore Weekend is set to kick off on the morning of October 21st.
Jonathan Barnes
Written by Jonathan Barnes
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