GFWL AoE Online Pro Persian Civilization Released

By Rebecca Smith, 7 years ago
Age of Empires Online (PC) has now received its second piece of post-launch DLC, and this time it comes with achievements. Persia is the third civilization to be made available in the game, after the Greeks and the Egyptians were available at launch. The DLC adds five new achievements worth a total of 135G.

Travel east as you command the Persians, one of the most powerful empires in ancient times, who controlled much of the known world and influenced culture around the globe. Battle with unique units such as the Immortals and mounted Persian Archers. Uncover new unit gear and Advisor cards. Single player and PvP battles await you!
There is one major difference between the Persian civilization and the other two Premium civilizations though. The Persian civilization is a Pro Civilization, meaning that players will automatically start at level 20. This brings a wide range of benefits to players, which are detailed in this trailer:

Here's a quick overview for those who can't watch the trailer:
• Unique units & creative strategies for all new gameplay.
• Higher level quest content unlocked from the very beginning.
• Higher level technologies including Star Techs unlocked for various game modes
• Begin with a fully-geared army
• New infantry unit The Immortals can switch between melee and long-range attacks
• New siege unit War Wagon deals area-of-effect damage and tears through enemy ranged units
• New armoured cavalry The Cataphract can take out enemy infantry and destroying siege works
• New War Academy Toggle Techs
• New technology Aid Tents upgrade allows the store house to heal nearby units

The "Pro Persian Civilization" will cost $9.99 / £4.99 and can be downloaded from here.
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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