Kinect Sports Season 2 Developer Vi-Doc

By litepink, 7 years ago
Developers Rare and Big Park go behind-the-scenes to detail the upcoming The sequel features even greater full body tracking over the best-selling You should be able to tell the difference whether you're throwing a football deep down the field or precisely lining up a shot in darts.

Voice controls are present throughout. Things like changing your golf club or calling an audible in football can all be controlled by your voice. The following video from Rare and Big Park go through some of the improvements and offer up some tips as well.

Microsoft has taken to the airwaves with their anticipated Kinect title with two new ads for the North American market, which also shows off the voice controls and body tracking. Previously we had covered the TV spot in the UK.

If you want to test drive all this for yourself, check out golf and tennis in the game's demo

Kinect Sports: Season Two launches October 25th in North American and October 28th in Europe.