Warner Bros. Confirms Lego Batman 2 in the Works

By litepink,
In an interview from the LA Times, Warner Bros. Interactive president Martin Tremblay opened up about the success of Warner Interactive, in addition to some of its struggles. Looking ahead into the future Tremblay also broke news of several upcoming releases.

More Lego action is in the works for 2012 with a sequel to LEGO Batman, but besides the release window of next year, no other details were brought forth.

Also, a Hobbit game is planned ahead of the December 2012 film release of Peter Jackson's The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey.

The article also revealed a title in the works starring a DC hero, whose identity remains unnamed at this time. Let the speculation begin now. What DC Comics character do you think will get the videogame treatment in 2012?

The remainder of the article is well-balanced and is quite a good read as well. Movie-based and licensed titles are often of sub-par quality and just serve as marketing tools. Other movie studios trying to jump into the games market have failed with this, and many have subsequently folded or scaled back their gaming divisions.

Warner looks to change the landscape, and arguably have done so with the recent release of https://www.trueachievements.com/Batman-Arkham-City-xbo....htm, and are succeeding where others have failed. They're looking to take these properties and making them fit within the gaming market and are vying to distance themselves from tie-ins to individual movies. While the Hobbit game will release around the time of the movie, they want the game to stand on its own rather than being just a movie game. Warner Bros. also looks to expand with other licenses as well like with their acquisition of the Mortal Kombat property.

The upcoming game announcements are certainly exciting, and Warner Bros.' focus on better quality licensed properties looks to be paying dividends as well. Look for the Hobbit title and Lego Batman sequel in 2012.