Battlefield 1943 Coral Sea Challenge Complete

By SeraphimNeeded, 9 years ago
We were really wanting to post this yesterday, but because of some glitches involving the last site update, our news system got temporarily shut down.

Anyway, shortly after Battlefield 1943 was announced to be in development, DICE mentioned they would be challenging both the 360 and PS3 communities to get 43 million community wide kills each. The reward would be a 4th map, Coral Sea, and a new game mode, Air Superiority, to be played on it.

These challenges started on Friday, July 10, at 20:00 GMT. A little over 96 hours later, the 360 community reached its goal at 20:11 GMT on July 14 (comparatively, the PS3 community only had around 23 million at the time). Xbox 360 Battlefield 1943 players now have access to the new dogfight friendly map and game mode!

To access these new features, on the main menu of the game, go down to near the bottom of the menu should be a new option for Play Air Superiority Mode. When you select this option it should begin the matchmaking process as normal, only instead looking for servers for the Coral Map specifically instead of the normal maps.