Need for Speed: The Run Challenge Series Trailer

By litepink, 7 years ago
Developer Black Box has introduced a game mode for Need for Speed: The Run called Challenge Series. In the Challenge Series, you race in 70+ events in an on-going effort to beat your friends. You'll receive notification when your times have been beat and your friends will see the same thing when you take back the lead. The events have a second-by-second comparision in-race to see how you're stacking up.

There's also a new trailer chock full of gamplay footage featuring the game's protagonist Jack Rourke and his race across the country for a $25 million dollar prize. There's a price on Jack's head so he'll need the smarts of his friend Sam Harper to win in what's truly his "Race For Your Life".

You can try the game out for yourself with the recently released demo. Need For Speed: The Run is scheduled for release on November 15th (NA) and November 18th (EU).