Project Natal - Not just for 360!

By Aerodynamo, 9 years ago
I came into work this morning with a mission. To not work for as long as possible. So far, it's gone pretty well.

40 minutes into my mission, I was stumbling around CNET news, checking out some fun articles such as the fact that Apple has been complaining to Windows about their ads working too well, or that Bill Gates made some physics videos free for everyone to watch... but then something caught my eye.

The headline to this something read: "Gates: Natal to bring gesture recognition to Windows too"

So, I've given you my brief anecdote, and I feel like the story will sum itself up when you read the article. We already know what Natal is, but I feel this gives us a bit more insight into how it will be used... If it isn't just for Windows, will there be multi-platform support? Will there be a separate 'Natal' for both systems? Will I finally be able to dive into my computer's code in 3D, as seen in Hackers or Tron?

We may soon find out.