Portal 2's Second DLC is an 'in-game map editor'

By litepink,
The good news: Valve has announced a second DLC for its critically acclaimed title Portal 2. Following up from the recently released "Peer Review" DLC, this unnamed content will feature an easy-to-use in-game map editor to create test chambers of your very own. Other players can view, vote, and play them with the press of a button.

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The bad news: as is customary with Valve, the DLC is scarce on details; apparently they like teasing us. The DLC is currently in development and "targeted for release early next year" (adjust accordingly for 'Valve Time'). Also, they never really specified if this new DLC would make it to both PC/Mac and consoles, although indications are that this will be arriving on Xbox 360. We just don't know for sure, and likely won't for many months.

Look for [possible] new Portal 2 DLC early sometime next year.

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