WWE 12 Road to Wrestlemania and Dev Diary Vids

By litepink, 8 years ago
Your road to superstardom is in your hands in WWE 12, as you choose your route to to the ultimate entertainment event in the Road to Wrestlemania mode. The game has "three different stories to tell", and you can choose which path to go down. Will it be the Villain Story, Outsider Story, or Hero Story?

Perhaps you'll fancy playing as Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania? Make it happen with WWE 12.

Now steering away from more traditional trailers, we have a developer diary showing off a more refined grappling system. Out of the all the high flying wrestling moves, there isn't anything more exciting and dynamic than the grapple, right? The video also features a full gameplay match with developer voice-over throughout.

You may want to check out the game's pre-order bonus or the collector's edition as well.

WWE 12 releases November 22nd in North America and November 25th in Europe.

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