Paranormal Table Now Available for Pinball FX 2

By Dog of Thunder, 7 years ago
It was just last week that the announcement came from Zen Studios about a free table for Pinball FX2 (Xbox 360). Previously a PS3 exclusive, the "Paranormal Table" would be coming to the marketplace October 26th and remain a free download until November 2nd. True to their word, the "Paranormal Table" can be downloaded, for free, right here.

Here is the official table description courtesy of Zen Studios:

About the Paranormal table: Players will assume the role of a paranormal detective and investigate mysterious and supernatural phenomena including hauntings, weird creatures, and inexplicable lapses in the laws of nature. Solve the mysteries of a rotatable mini playing field with four different mini games, supernatural events, time portals and floating objects. Top it off with 10 flipper bats and you have one of the most exciting and engaging pinball tables ever!
Finally, enjoy the trailer and see the actual table in action.

Remember, you only have until November 2nd to download the "Paranormal Table" for free. After November 2nd, it will be available for 240 MSP. Yes, the latest table does include 3 achievements worth 50 GS.