Rock Band DLC for 21st July

By Aeris Gainzbrah, 9 years ago
On Tuesday the following tracks will be added tto the Rock Band store:

Kings of Leon - 'Craw'
Kings of Leon - 'Molly’s Chambers'
Kings of Leon - 'Sex on Fire'

Rancid - 'Last One to Die'
Rancid - 'Ruby Soho'
Rancid - 'Time Bomb'

Rise Against - 'Prayer of the Refugee'
Rise Against - 'Re-Education (Through Labor)'
Rise Against - 'Savior'

Lush - 'Sweetness & Light'

Prices are: 160 MSP per track or 440 MSP for the 'Kings of Leon Pack,' 'Rancid Pack' and 'Rise Against Pack'.

All tracks are masters