Dashboard Update Details Revealed

By NightStalkar, 9 years ago
Microsoft has unveiled the new dashboard update details, and it all sounds great! I'll get the bad news out of the way first though - Microsoft has not commented on Zune HD, Facebook, Twitter, or last.fm; therefore we aren't completely sure if we are going to see those features as soon as we thought at E3. Now to the good stuff - the preview and updates. I'll give it to you in summarized list form to make it easy:

- Avatar Marketplace: The ability to purchase avatar clothing, props, and animated items, including content from various games. It will also be possible to unlock clothing or props as rewards from certain games as you play them.

- Games On Demand: It's finally here, and you can use credit, debit, or points to buy what you wish. As with all other content purchased, the game will be linked to your account and yours forever. The manuals for your games will also be viewable via xbox.com

- User Ratings: You can now rate every game on the markerplace (retail/arcade) through a 5-star system over Xbox Live. There will be a section for top rated games additionally.

- Netflix Upgrades: Most notably is the ability to watch movies or shows with your entire party... finally :)

- Xbox Live Party: No more annoying disconnects, as you will be automaticaly reconnected when this happens, and inviting friends is streamlined.

- Achievements: You will now be able to see a summary of all your achievement inside the profile panel across all games played, and finally, a list of all your completed games! Also, the achievement browser will be more organized and easier to use, and it will be possible to launch a game from there.

- Gold Member Veterans: There will now be a statistic on your gamercard showing how long you have been with Xbox Live!

- Streamlined Navigation: New entry points for areas annoying to get to in NXE. Microsoft has also acknowledged previously that they are aware of the lag some are experiencing, and it is set to be fixed when the update is live.

See the external link for the full list.
Credit for this story goes to skwareballz