Several UDraw Features Revealed

By NinjaDave04, 7 years ago
THQ has released some details about the features that their new peripheral, the uDraw Game Tablet, will have on the 360, as well as details on three games that will be available for the device: Disney Princess: Enchanting Storybooks, uDraw Instant Artist, and Pictionary: Ultimate Edition.

First, let's highlight the features of the uDraw itself:
High Definition
Utilizing the full capacity of PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, users can play, draw, print, and share their creations in HD.
Touch Screen Creativity
From pinch-and-stretch zooming to free-form finger-painting, the uDraw GameTablet responds directly to your touch.
Built-In Controller Functions
Xbox 360 and PS3 controls are directly integrated into the uDraw, eliminating the need to dock a controller.
Tilt Functionality
Tilt, shake and jump through games with enhanced tilt and motion features.
Pressure-Sensitive Stylus
The uDraw stylus offers 256 points of pressure sensitivity, providing amazing freedom to bring your creations to the screen in detail.
Wireless Play
Players will connect and create from the comfort of their favorite spot with wireless interaction between the uDraw and their game console.
Centre-Docked Stylus
Designed with both right-handed and left handed artists and game players in mind, the uDraw features a stylus attached to the center of the tablet.
Now that you have a little more detail about the uDraw itself, here are the details about the upcoming titles:

Disney Princess: Enchanting Storybooks
Disney Princess: Enchanting Storybooks will include six princesses from their stories: Ariel, Jasmine, Tiana, Rapunzel, Cinderelle, and Belle.
Each story will have different things to do on each page including: color by number, sticker scene creation, magic search, and coloring pages; all the while the story will be read out loud to the user as they progress. As the user progresses through the stories they will unlock bonus content including bonus Snow White coloring pages, Belle's Rose Petal crayon, and Rapunzel's water-color brush.
uDraw Instant Artist, which will be bundled with the uDraw tablet, will include three different game modes. These modes will include:
Art School – Start with the basics and work through Remmy’s 15 all-new art lessons, increasing in complexity with each successful completion.

Art Camp – Rediscover classic creative favourites, including number painting, dot drawing, colouring books, tilt-painting and more.

Art Play – Jump into Art Play and engage in freestyle drawing, now with animated stamps, enhanced user interface and plenty of new tools!
Instant Artist will also include features such as pinch and stretch zooming, finger painting, tilt-enhanced and motion-sensing activities for endless possibilities.

Pictionary will include four different game modes:
Pictionary™ Classic preserves all the rules of theoriginal Pictionary™ board game but spices it up with a sleek 3-D board, customisable game pieces, new clues, and a suite of drawing tools.

Pictionary™Mania adds a whole new twist! Picturists draw clues according to seven new rules including Finger Painting, Eraser Only, Lights Out and Rotation Frustration.

Family Fun is an all-new mode that makes it easy for families to customise their gameplay, game length, clue categories and win conditions.

Free Draw offers players a chance to brush up on their drawing skills and save their creations. Features include: hundreds of tool combinations, nine draw style types and even the option to create team banners.
There are going to be over 3,000 clues, including over 1,500 for Adults and Juniors, and the users will have the opportunity to create they're own clues to add to the excitement of the game!

The uDraw Game Tablet is scheduled to be released in November. All three games have a November 18th release date, so we can assume the Game Tablet will be released at the same time or earlier than that, especially as uDraw Instant Artist will be bundled with the device.