DLC Confirmed for Anything With An Engine

By NinjaDave04, 7 years ago
On October 26th, five-time NASCAR Champion Jimmie Johnson appeared on "Late Night" with Jimmy Fallon to discuss two things: the NASCAR season and Anything With An Engine. While on the show, he announced the first DLC for the game, which will contain a new vehicle and a new character. That character will be, you guessed it, Jimmy Fallon himself.

One of the motivations behind making this game was to have fun with my friends. I have been on Jimmy’s show a few times and we have raced against each other. The last time he beat me, so having him in the game as the first downloadable character was the perfect way to step up our racing rivalry and to invite our fans in on the fun.
Here are a couple of screenshots of Jimmy Fallon and his vehicle:
External image

External image

You can view Johnson's interview with Jimmy Fallon, and watch them race each other in the game, over here.

The DLC will be available later this year. No price has been announced, but it was confirmed that a portion of the proceeds from the DLC will be given to the American Red Cross.