Mercury Hg Competition Winners

By DavieMarshall, 7 years ago
After a period of deliberation and whittling down the impressive list of entrants, the panel of Newshounds have selected five winners who will a free copy of each!

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First up is MichaelMackie1 with the silent killer:
Ninjanium (Nj) - The element of surprise.
Next is MKLKT and his worrisome:
Hypocondrexium (Hx): Oh god, is it on me? I'm pretty sure it's on me and I heard it's toxic! I feel sick.
Everybody, jump for Polerand and:
KrissKrossium (Kk) — it makes you want to jump, jump.
It's no mystery why we liked dabaldie and:
Watsonium - Elementary, my dear.
And finally, it's hard to disagree with emerald000 and the crispy:
Baconium - The mother of all elements.
There were some truly excellent entries by all, but these ones really caught our eye. Well done guys and your codes will be arriving in your PM inboxes here on TA within the next couple of hours!