Confirmation of Microsoft's Portable Plans

By SeraphimNeeded, 9 years ago
There have been rumors of Microsoft trying to enter the hand-held gaming market for quite some time now. Because of how intertwined the Zune and Xbox Live networks are and how powerful the Zune HD is supposed to be, these rumors have becoming increasingly common. Microsoft's Shane Kim, VP of Strategy and Business Development, has confirmed it's all just a matter of time.

Details of what exactly is being worked on is very sketchy. Mr. Kim himself doesn't know if they be developing a strict gaming device, some sort of advanced cell phone (obviously a shot at their biggest competitor, Apple), or instead some sort of extension on higher performance mobile computing devices running the Windows Mobile OS. All he could really confirm is that whatever the became the solution, it would be a "Xbox Live Anywhere" device, a term Microsoft threw to the community about a year ago. Does this mean our site will have a third platform full of achievements to be scanned any time soon? Well, details again are still rather sketchy, but here's hoping we do.
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