Lots of New Saints Row: The Third Goodies

By Mark Delaney, 7 years ago
Along with the seemingly endless side-missions, wacky humor, and open world landscape of the Saints Row series, one of the most popular features in the franchise is the deep create-a-character options. Saints Row: The Third looks to build even further on that feature. With the vast options available at your creative fingertips, it seems possible that you could create anyone you can think of.

THQ has smartly offered the creation tool, Initiation Station, on their website so you can create your characters in advance of the game's release. You can even share them with the community and download any of the thousands of characters to your own game. You will have to register with the community site if you follow the link to the Initiation Station. You'll also need a code to access the tool, which are being dealt out by Gamespot after you register with their site too.

Who are you going to create? Your favorite celebrities? Your ideal self? I'm torn between either making the entire Bluth family or the survivors of Oceanic 815.

In addition to that, we also have a new Cherished Memories trailer to share. These have proven to be brief, humorous moments of Saints Row being...well, Saints Row.

Finally, a new game mode was announced for Saints Row: The Third. You may be familiar with Gears' Horde mode? Well SR3 will introduce their own spin on it called Whored mode. That isn't a typo. To win, you'll have to fight off wave after wave of ladies of the night.

This trio of Saints Row: The Third items should satisfy the seemingly supportive fanbase I've noticed here on TA. Look for the game in stores on November 15th in North America and the 18th in Europe.

Thanks to the many community members who forwarded these stories to us.
Mark Delaney
Written by Mark Delaney
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