Kinect Sports Season Two Competition Winners!

By DavieMarshall, 7 years ago
We had an amazing response to our Kinect Sports: Season 2 competition, but without further ado, it's time for the winners to collect their winnings!

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Taking the Grand Prize (our review copy of the game, one month's free Xbox LIVE Gold, official Kinect sweatbands, three Kinect Sports: Season 2 medals and Kinect Sports balloons!) is dwahsum with his World Record entry:

Greatest Dad/ Husband/ Brother/ Son. At least that's what my family would think were I lucky enough to win this game. The first was a huge success for us.
That's what we like to see. Getting the whole family involved! And if they help you pop achievements? Well so much the better!

Our three runners-up who will receive some brilliant branded swag are, in no particular order:

tractakid with:

I don't know if its a world record, but I stayed up til 3 am last night watching a Japanese guy play vegetable instruments. My favourite was the broccoli ocarina
Endodroid and his destruction of existing World Record times:

To be the first person to quality for the Olympic Games through Kinect Sports Season 2! Usain Bolt... 9.58 sprint!? HA! 6.4... lightning ain't so fast now eh!
And finally, heatlight and his self deprecation. Perhaps the swag will help!?

Most self-deprecating human being. I accomplished this by being useless at games, hideously ugly and generally unpleasant. And to cap it all, I then enter a competition that requires a good sense of humour to win. Fat chance, loser!
Thanks to everyone who made the competition a huge success, and to Microsoft's AceyBongos for making it possible! We'll be contacting winners soon to ask for their mailing address to get the good stuff on it's way to you!