TA Gaming Stats Oct 24th to Oct 30th 2011

By Dog of Thunder, 7 years ago
This report is for the period October 24th to October 30th 2011.

Welcome to the final week of October! Technically I guess it's the first week of November right now, but we are live at the TA Stats HQ a week in the past. That's just how we roll.

This week the stats are a battlefield.

Games Started
43,913 TrueAchievements gamers started a total of 65,802 games between them (1,494 different games).

We all knew Battlefield 3 would take this week, but doesn't 16k seem a little low? I fully expected Battlefield 3 to blast past the 30k mark in its opening week.

Batman: Arkham City (Xbox 360) is slowing down, but when you started out with 12,711 gamers only dropping by 25% to 9,213 really isn't bad, it's just less great. Forza Motorsport 4 maintains a spot right behind the Bat but it also dropped by over half from its high of 5,274 gamers just a week ago.

Gears of War 3 has demonstrated serious staying power. How serious? Last week marked one month of Epic's magnum opus being available, and when any title is still adding over 1k gamers to its total after 5 weeks? That's some serious legs.

Dark Souls and Dead Island (Xbox 360) both dropped by about 50%, while FIFA 12 showed consistency yet again and barely dropped any gamers from last week to this week.

At the very bottom of the chart we see two new Kinect titles, both sequels, make their debuts: Dance Central 2 and Kinect Sports: Season Two. They're low debut numbers, but they're right in line with the smaller install base of the Kinect and the niche market each is aiming for within our community.

Off the chart completely and most likely never to return? Ace Combat: Assault Horizon - we hardly knew ya.

Top Retail Games Started

Unlike with a retail title, the stay of an arcade title in the top ten is very brief. With the exception of sales or DLC, it is rare for a title over three weeks old to still place in the top half of the chart. Even Daytona USA, which seems to have sold quite well, is just about average for an arcade title in its first week of availability.

In fact, the ONLY games to remain on the chart from last week are Guardian Heroes, which dropped hard from the number one spot to number eight, retaining only 30% of last week's total, and Bejeweled 3. The latest Bejeweled title may have retained 50% of last week's total, but it also lags behind Guardian Heroes' overall total by over 1,000 gamers.

Pinball FX2 (Xbox 360) makes an appearance thanks to the free "Paranormal Table" DLC. The DLC is no longer free and now costs 240 MSP, which means we probably won't see Pinball FX 2 this high until the next batch of Marvel DLC is released next month.

As for the rest of the chart, we see Zombie Apocalypse: Never Die Alone make a really disappointing debut. Only 455 total gamers have experienced the latest zombie arcade title, which pales in comparison to the glorified demo that is Dead Rising 2: Case Zero. I understand it's like comparing apples to oranges, but hey, I needed a segue into discussing the Dead Rising title's reappearance on the chart after taking last week off.

Joining the annals of one hit wonders, such as The Wonders, we have REAL STEEL, which was here last week with 131 gamers in the 8th spot. Bold prediction: we will never, ever see Real Steel on this chart again.

Top Arcade Games Started

Collapse! (WP) is finally off the chart. With the WP7 marketplace now available in more markets than ever before, I believe we will start to see the potential of the WP7 finally realized. Case in point: Sudoku (WP) is on top again with enough gamers to have been listed as number 4 on the XBLA chart.

Beards & Beaks (WP) got a boost from a recent discount that allowed it to barely clear the debuting Kinectimals (WP) and Orbital (WP).

Top Windows Phone 7 Games Started

Games Completed
5,506 TrueAchievements gamers completed a total of 7,714 games between them (937 different games).

Dead Island and RAGE managed to hit one and two last week. This week? They have tied for first, with Dead Island listed first because D comes before R in the alphabet.

Amazingly this week there are more gamer completed games when compared to last week, but the overall number of unique titles completed dropped by nearly 100. I blame that on a lot of gamers playing "clean-up" before they pick up the latest AAA title.

The only new games on the list this week, and really it's amazing how similar the completion numbers are for the other eight titles, are Dark Souls and L.A. Noire making a grand return.

How many server shut down titles will appear before they go dark in the near future?

Top Retail Games Completed

A World of Keflings shot to the top like a rocket heading for outer space. Daytona USA is one of the easiest arcade releases of the last few weeks, sporting an incredible 62% completion rate in its first week of release.

Every time I see Dead Rising 2: Case Zero on this chart, which is pretty much every week, I am reminded that I still need to finish that game. Beyond World of Keflings and Daytona USA not much has changed in this chart from last week. The Summer of Arcade has truly given way to the Fall of Retail.....alright, that might need a catchier name.

Top Arcade Games Completed

Oh hai Collapse! (WP7), there you are! In our weekly completion rate watch for Collapse! (WP7), it remains at just under 92% for a second straight week.

iBlast Moki (WP) makes another good appearance despite only sporting a 34.97% completion rate. With WP7 titles, they tend to be either very easy to complete or very difficult, with little in the middle ground.

Top Windows Phone 7 Games Completed

Achievements Won
72,471 TrueAchievements gamers won a total of 886,276 achievements online between them (37,944 different achievements).

Yeah, these are all Battlefield 3 achievements, but it's interesting in the split of single player versus multiplayer achievements. I actually thought we'd see more multiplayer achievements, but instead we only have three, compared to seven single player achievements.

Who plays Battlefield 3 for the single player? Or is this just everyone finding something to play while the servers get stabilized?

Top Retail Achievements Won

Last week saw only two titles listed here: Bejeweled 3 and Guardian Heroes. This week both of those games are gone, and instead it's Pinball FX 2 taking the top two spots with the easiest achievements possible for that game. Do not be fooled by the ease of those two achievements - Pinball FX 2 is brutal, but awesome.

Daytona USA proves just how easy a completion it is by claiming seven spots out of ten. The only other game to crack the chart is A World Of Keflings, which had one DLC achievement place.

Top Arcade Achievements Won

Four games appear on the WP7 chart, giving us the most variety of all for the week. Sudoku (WP7) is the most popular game, which makes sense given its difficulty and price (free). Bold prediction: Kinectimals (WP7) will claim most of the spots next week.

Top Windows Phone 7 Achievements Won

Total TrueAchievements won by Genre

Shooter barely beats out the Batman genre while the rest of the chart remains fairly static. In two weeks, we'll get to see the impact of https://www.trueachievements.com/Skyrim-xbox-360.htm and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. I don't see anything having a huge impact until those two hit.

  • Shooter11,383,080
  • Action-Adventure9,078,419
  • Role-Playing2,588,332
  • Sports1,859,985
  • Racing1,855,599
  • Action1,481,346
  • Music & Rhythm563,550
  • Platformer370,986
  • Puzzle293,073
  • Party290,670