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By Rebecca Smith, 7 years ago
During the Tokyo Game Show and New York Comic Convention, Capcom focused on four of the new characters to be included in the upcoming Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 - Iron Fist, Vergil, Phoenix Wright and Nova. In the comments for those articles, many of you were calling for further coverage of two more fighters - Frank West and Rocket Raccoon. If I mentioned that we now have screenshots, trailers and gameplay footage for two more characters, you can probably guess where this is heading...

Capcom's Frank West needs no introduction. The original star of the Dead Rising franchise has only just returned in Dead Rising 2: Off The Record (Xbox 360), a re-telling of the events of Dead Rising 2 (Xbox 360). He brings along zombies, his trusty camera and an arsenal of home-made weaponry to aid him in his battles.

1/11/11 Frank West team lineup

Those of you who can't view the footage can have a look at these screenshots taken from the video.

1/11/11 Frank West screenshot

1/11/11 Frank West screenshot 2

1/11/11 Frank West screenshot 3

1/11/11 Frank West screenshot 4

1/11/11 Frank West screenshot 5

Marvel's Rocket Raccoon is the captain of the starship Rack 'n' Ruin. He acts as the Guardian of the Keystone Quadrant, a colony for those who were mentally ill, and which has now been abandoned by humans. To keep order over the residents, animal companions were genetically manipulated so that they acquired human-level intelligence and had a bipedal body form.

1/11/11 Rocket Raccoon team lineup

As above, those of you who can't view the vignette can have a look at these screenshots taken from the video.

1/11/11 Rocket Raccoon screenshot 1

1/11/11 Rocket Raccoon screenshot 2

1/11/11 Rocket Raccoon screenshot 3

1/11/11 Rocket Raccoon screenshot 4

1/11/11 Rocket Raccoon screenshot 5

To carry on the trend of the character profile reveals, Capcom has provided footage of the two new characters fighting each other again. The first gameplay video shows Frank West, teamed with Ryu and Akuma, taking on Rocket Raccoon and his team, comprising of Super Skrull and Thor.

In the rematch, Rocket Raccoon, teamed with Magneto and Storm, takes on Frank West and his team, Chris and Hsien-Ko.

Now, usually Capcom would also provide a trailer with the complete game roster. This isn't the case today, so instead we have screenshots from the recently announced Galactus Mode. Little is known about the mode, aside from the fact that players take on the role of Galactus and get to smash the hell out of the character roster from the game.

1/11/11Galactus Mode 1

1/11/11Galactus Mode 2

1/11/11Galactus Mode 3

1/11/11Galactus Mode 4

1/11/11Galactus Mode 5

1/11/11Galactus Mode 6

Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 is due to be released on November 15th in North America and November 18th in Europe. Check out the details for the pre-order bonuses here.

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