Dr Pepper BF3 DLC Giveaway

By Mark Delaney, 7 years ago
The doctor is in, and contrary to what Christopher Walken may have taught you, the only prescription to your fever is not more cowbell, but rather free Battlefield 3 goodies. Don't get too excited, the giveaway doesn't include the upcoming 'Back to Karkand' Map Pack, but it does still offer some cool gear for anyone who wants it.

The list of freebies includes a character skin and five unique Dog Tags. Among the popular Dog Tags are an evidently deceased Hello Kitty and a Six Wolf Moon, which, according to my calculations, is two times as epic as the Three Wolf Moon. Every specially-marked bottle or can of the soda wins something, but read the fine print and you'll see you won't even need to purchase any soda - which is good, because you've been eating way too much Halloween candy. Just signing up at Dr Pepper's official site will allow you to download any of the micro-downloads you want for free.

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The promo ends on December 31st.
Mark Delaney
Written by Mark Delaney
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