Winners: Brady Games Batman Giveaway

By DavieMarshall, 7 years ago
There were over 400 entries in our Batman: Arkham City giveaway, but after a lot of coffee, a lot of reading and some debate amongst the Newshounds, we have our two winners.

Winning first prize is Reborn Insanity and the practical gadget which, quite frankly, Bruce Wayne should really invest in, and soon...

A pager... instead of a light in the sky. I mean seriously that gives away that he is on his way to the villains, and what if hes asleep? pager will wake a hero, a light will not.
Congratulations! But don't forget we had two guides to giveaway, so in second place, winning our standard edition of the guide is with:

As Batman works from the shadows, it'll be really handy for the lit up areas. One switch of the small EMP Device will take out the lights in the building, floor or the big room he's in saving on throwing multiple individual Batarangs at the scattered lights.
Thanks to all who participated, and to Brady Games for the prizes! Stay tuned to the same Batchannel for more competitions very, very soon!