Kung-Fu High Impact Private Lessons Video

By Dog of Thunder, 7 years ago
Oh, stereotypical depictions of gamers as being nerds with no fashion sense. Sure, gamers can be nerds, but we at least know how to dress ourselves properly. The Steve Urkel look has mostly died out in popular media, but this video for the Kinect-required Kung-Fu High Impact brings us right back to 1992. Watch with awe as the usual commercial family gets a Kung-Fu lesson from a guy with coke bottle glasses, suspenders and fashionably unkempt bed head.


The game itself looks decent, but wow, this video IS straight out of 1992.

If you want more wild over-the-top Kung-Fu action, head into the archive and take a look at a previously released video, alongside some screenshots.

Kung-Fu High Impact will be available November 17th in North America and November 25th in Europe.