Dragon's Dogma Pawn Customisation Screenshots

By Rebecca Smith, 7 years ago
Pawns will play a vital part in Capcom's upcoming action game Dragon's Dogma. As explained in the detailed video released back in September, players take on the role of the Arisen in a quest to reclaim their heart. Pawns enter the Arisen's world through a gateway called the Rift. Each player will have one constant Pawn companion. The main Pawns can travel to other worlds through the Rift. They learn through experience and will bring back knowledge of enemies they have encountered and the areas they have explored. This knowledge is imparted to you on their return to your world.

Players can customise the appearance, fighting style and personality of the main Pawn. Here are some screenshots showing a few of the many customisation options available:

2/11/11 Pawn customisation 1

2/11/11 Pawn customisation 2

2/11/11 Pawn customisation 3

2/11/11 Pawn customisation 4

2/11/11 Pawn customisation 5

The Arisen can enter the Rift to discover countless more Pawns, and recruit up to two support Pawns from a choice of six different vocations. These support pawns can not be customised, but will ultimately round out the player's team. Here is a new trailer showing the Pawns working as an effective team:

As well as the ability to customise the main Pawn, players will be able to customise their own character, of course. Here are some screenshots showing some of the customisation options available for the Arisen:

2/11/11 Arisen customisation 1

2/11/11 Arisen customisation 2

2/11/11 Arisen customisation 3

2/11/11 Arisen customisation 4

2/11/11 Arisen customisation 5

2/11/11 Arisen customisation 6

The game will see the player and accompanying team battling many mythical creatures. We've previously introduced the Griffin, Chimera and Cyclops, as well as the Golem. Today, the Golem returns in gameplay footage of the resulting confrontation:

For those of you who can't view the trailer, here are a handful of screenshots taken from the video:

2/11/11 Golem battle 1

2/11/11 Golem battle 2

2/11/11 Golem battle 3

2/11/11 Golem battle 4

Dragon's Dogma is due to be released in early 2012.
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