Trine 2 'Home Shopping' Trailer

By Perpalicious, 7 years ago
Sometimes reinventing the wheel can lead to a contrived and messy invention. Simply improving upon a particular, fading genre can be magical in of itself.

In comes Trine 2, Forzenbyte's sequel to their popular Trine, which looks to improve and revive the declining platform genre. Gamers take control of a wizard, thief, or a knight, and work their way through a lush, mystical world solving puzzles and defeating baddies.

Frozenbyte has recently released a trailer entitled "Home Shopping" to sell gamers on their upcoming sidescroller:

If you just watched the video and are wondering, "Who is Ari Pulkkinen?" then never fear, for I shall reveal his identity. Ari Pulkkinen is most famously known for composing the soundtrack of the insanely popular Angry Birds.

With that little fact out of the way, Trine 2 is heading to Xbox Live Arcade sometime in December 2011 for the price of a movie ticket and popcorn.