Gears2: Dark Corners and All Fronts has arrived

By SeraphimNeeded, 9 years ago
For Gears of War 2 fans out their, Major Nelson via Twitter just confirmed the release of the Dark Corners DLC (1200 MSP) and the All Fronts DLC collection (1600 MSP) on the Xbox Live Marketplace, so go get downloading!

Epic and Microsoft had a bit of a shakey release with this one. Like most major DLC releases, it was uploaded early so the press could have access to it via redeemable codes. Unfortunately for them (and fortunately for a few fans with quick reflexes), when it was uploaded, it wasn't marked as hidden and was priced at 800 MSP. For a short while, some lucky bastards got very early access to it at a reduced cost (yes, I'm looking at you Marx0r).

For those unfamiliar with this DLC, it includes 7(!) new multiplayer maps (plus all earlier maps if you go for the All Fronts collection) and a new chapter from the single player/co-op that was deleted from the game before the game was released, as well as a slew of new achievements taking the games GS total to 1750.