Skullgirls' Game Mechanics Trailer

By Dog of Thunder, 7 years ago
Skullgirls is attempting, despite the crazy character designs, to be a serious, hardcore fighter with a simply unprecedented level of customizable features for the fighting community. This has been part of Revenge Labs' design from the very beginning and finally, we have a very informative trailer that breaks down these new mechanics. Included in today's lesson are the anti-infinites, unblockable protection and how to build a team of fighters:

I have to say, as someone that is not a super serious competitive fighting game player but still enjoys a wide selection of games in the genre, the anti-infinite mechanic is very much appreciated.

We also have some gameplay of M. Fortune taking on Parasoul in incredibly smooth animated combat.

Skullgirls is due for release in early 2012, after having been pushed back.