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By Lexley Ford, 7 years ago
You may have seen the recent videos of Capcom’s upcoming action game Asura’s Wrath, explaining how Asura was betrayed by his fellow gods, but you still may be wondering who most of the characters are. Luckily, over the past few weeks, Capcom have been releasing bios on many of the characters integral to Asura’s story. Instead of bringing them to you piece by piece, we thought we would give them to you in one go.

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As well as being one the Seven Deities, he is Asura's rival and brother-in-law. Cool, calm, and collected, Yasha is well versed in both literary and military arts. He and Asura both joined the Eight Guardian Generals at the same time. He is the older brother of Durga, Asura's wife. Though she is tragically killed in Deus' coup d'état, Yasha's beliefs in the cause are stronger than his feelings for family. Due to the world's suffering, he always has a melancholy expression on his face.
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One of the Seven Deities. An arrogant militant. Was once a brute who never thought things through. But once he gained new power as one of the Seven Deities, he began to stand out for his discriminating way of speaking towards the humans. He goes out of his way to speak condescendingly. He is the powerhouse of the Seven Deities.
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The main character of ASURA'S WRATH. A Demigod who was once one of the Eight Guardian Generals of Shinkoku Trastium, Asura was betrayed and killed by his seven comrades. They framed him for the murder of Emperor Strada, killed his wife, and took his daughter away from him. Full of rage and a desire for revenge, he comes back to life with his wrath as his only weapon. But the object of his wrath is not only revenge, but also the suffering of their world, Gaea. When his anger escalates, his Mantra activates and transforms him into a godly six-armed warrior.
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One of the Seven Deities and Deus' adjutant general. Completely devoted to Deus, there is almost never a time when she is not seen by Deus' side. She burns with hatred for anyone or anything that attempts to interfere with Deus' plans. Olga speaks in an intellectual manner and a bewitching scent trails behind her wherever she goes. She commands the fleets stationed in Gaea's orbit.
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The eldest of the Seven Deities. A cunning and sly tactician, Kalrow has others carry out what he has planned and rarely makes an effort to do anything himself. He is researching an easier way to manage both the humans and the Gohma.
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One of the Seven Deities and an admirer of the arts. He is Deus' (slightly psychotic) right hand man. Sergei is constantly looking for all things beautiful. Despite his artistic airs, he never hesitates in making decisions, which makes him look cruel at times.
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One of the Seven Deities, Augus is master and mentor to Asura and Yasha. Bold and big-hearted, Augus is the type to use his fists to do the talking for him. He carries a giant katana at his side, but never uses it unless he's serious. He mainly uses his bare fists in battle. He sees fighting not as a means to an end, but as a purpose in life.
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Asura's only daughter and the sole Priestess of Shinkoku. She is able to freely manipulate and amplify the demigods’ source of power – Mantra. Deus kidnaps her in order to use her power for his own.

Asura's Wrath
is due to be released in North America on February 21st, 2012. There has been no confirmation of a European release date yet.
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