I apologise for the late showing of this Games for Windows LIVE Deal of the Week. However, it is here now and you still have six days to make use of the offer. Universe at War: Earth Assault has a shared achievement list between the Xbox 360 and the Games for Windows platforms.

http://www.trueachievements.com/Universe-at-War-xbox-360.htm - $19.99 / £14.99 $9.99 / £7.49
Powerful forces from across the universe have brought war to our planet. Now, in Universe at War: Earth Assault™ you must command different factions, each with their own powers and fighting units, and take to the battlefield to emerge victorious. The latest title from real-time strategy pioneers Petroglyph Games features unprecedented levels of customization, and the ability to take on opponents cross-platform. Control massive alien war machines, determine your own tech tree, and retrain units in the midst of battle to turn the tide. Wage war across familiar Earth cities and landmarks, in a persistent fully destructible world. Stay true to the cause, keep your eyes open, command your units, it's Universe at War.
Be aware though that the title does use the DRM function:

This software uses digital rights management software (“DRM”). DRM may limit the number of times you are permitted to install this software on a computer and/or the number of computers to which you may install the software. To function properly, DRM downloads certain data and files to your computer, which may or may not be uninstalled when you uninstall the software.
The game can be downloaded from here.
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