Indie Games Spotlight for November 13th, 2011

By mancide, 7 years ago
Techno Kitten Adventure! has to be the craziest Xbox Live Indie Game I have played to date.

Navigate a kitten by jetpack, fueled by hopes and dreams, through a fantastical world of techno music. *New Graphics *New Levels *New Kittehs *New Music = U Can Has: 1. DREAM Featuring Frisco – Sea of Love (Hixxy Remix) 2. CLOUD Featuring Re-Con – Like A Rainbow 3. LAVA Featuring Styles & Breeze – You’re Shining 4. MEAT Featuring F.R.E.A.K. - Hungry For Your Love + 13 NEW Kittehs!

RELEASE DATE: 6/8/2011
DEVELOPER: 21 Street Games LLC
GENRE: Music

Offline players 1
Dolby Digital
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Screenshots cannot do this game justice. Techno Kitten Adventure is a non-stop sensory bombardment with pulsating music, flashing lights, and a game-play concept so simple, yet so addictive.

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External image

You can play this game with one button. Seriously. Holding 'A' moves your kitten up; letting go lets him fall. You use this simple control scheme to navigate through these crazy visual levels and avoid the stars at the top and the bottom, as well as obstacles throughout the level. Most of the visuals are there to purely confuse you; only the stars will end your techno adventure.

I would put one word of warning, if flashing lights have ever caused you any health problems, this game is probably not for you. While I've never been effected by this phenomenon, this game definitely was able to disorientate me with the constant flashing lights and just over all confusion that it throws at you as you traverse the levels. However, it's that very bombardment that makes this game a must try.

If you want to keep the rave going throughout the night, Techno Kitten Adventure! can be yours for 240 MSP.

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Written by mancide
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