Battlefield 3 Patch Incoming

By Mark Delaney, 7 years ago
DICE will be releasing a new patch for Battlefield 3 soon that will reduce the effectiveness of the blinding tactical lights. As it is right now, a player with the tactical light attached to their machine gun or sidearm can almost fully blind an opponent's vision at up to ten meters away. With the new patch, distance will be taken into greater consideration. At close range, it will still look like a near-death experience, but at a distance the light will be less effective. DICE also released an image to show how they are hoping to tweak the tac light, though this image is just a demonstration and not necessarily indicative of what the final version will look like.

External image

In addition to the nerfing of the tac lights, they are also considering tweaks to the mobile AA guns as well as adding a repair ability to the jets because they are so difficult to land for engineer repairing. The AA guns may be tweaked because when there are many of them at once, it becomes extremely difficult to pilot any sort of aerial vehicle.

No date has been announced for the patch and as of right now the only major gameplay adjustment that will surely come in the patch is the tactical light effectiveness reduction.
Mark Delaney
Written by Mark Delaney
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