Pictionary Ultimate Edition Trailer [Update]

By Mark Delaney, 7 years ago

A new pair of uDraw videos were released as well. The first details one of the uDraw's features: Save and Share, which gives users the ability to upload their art to the uDraw website and share them with friends across Facebook and Twitter. That is, when you're not spamming them with game requests and serial "liking".

"But wait, NPB" you say. "The art in that video was much better than anything I could ever create!" Well, then watch this second video and learn to master the uDraw stylus with help from, Maggie Parr who is (wait, let me Google her...) a freelance artist and former Disney "Imagineer".

Original Story

Possibly the most popular game on the Wii's uDraw GameTablet, Pictionary, will be coming to Xbox 360 along with the peripheral. The Xbox 360 version will get some new features that the Wii didn't have. This new trailer from THQ and 44 Studios details some of the new content you and your family* can play together.

The tablet comes bundled with uDraw Studio Instant Artist and releases tomorrow, November 15th for Xbox users in North America and on the 18th for those of you in Europe.

*family not included
Mark Delaney
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