Winner: Modern Warfare 3 Giveaway

By DavieMarshall, 7 years ago
OK guys, it's time to get a member of the TA community hooked up with a copy of . The Newshounds have picked their winner from the submitted shortlist, and we have our winner.

There were many duplicate entries, and many similar ideas, but our decision is final - no questions. With that out of the way it's a win for Choskie for the following entry. It felt fitting after Armistice Day and Remembrance Sunday, so all together now, with your congratulations for the following entry:

Great War Truce - 30 kill streak.

Player has the option to activate a kill-streak where, for a 2-minute period, all players have no use of guns and can participate in a game of football (soccer, to you Americans :D) using a helmet as an improvised ball. There could be markers to indicate where the "ball" has to be kicked to in order to score a "goal".

If any player successfully scores a goal for their team, the match comes to an end and the goal-scoring team wins.
Thanks to the many of you who entered! Enjoy the game Choskie, PM is on it's way!