Iron Brigade Finally Dated for Europe

By litepink, 7 years ago
After much turbulence, the arcade game Iron Brigade is finally making its way to Europe, arriving later this month according to Eurogamer

The game was originally released under the title Iron Brigade in North America back in June, but was delayed in Europe due to a trademark issue with a board game titled Trench. The creators of the board game have some aspirations of a video game of their own sometime in the future.

Instead of going through a bitter battle (which they may have lost), they decided back in August to rename the game to Iron Brigade for Europe, and later for all territories.

While trademark issues may have held things initially, the process was slowed immensely due to renaming complications with Microsoft said Project Lead Brad Muir to XBLAFans:

There are so many different departments that it has to cruise through at Microsoft in order to enable the name change. It's pretty ridiculous. They sent us the preliminary plan on how that is going to work and I didn't even know there were that many divisions. Xbox LIVE is a very complex machine, I'd say. There's a bunch of different moving parts and it has to go through a bunch of checkpoints.
It appears that the battle has been won, and Iron Brigade will finally arrive in Europe November 30th. This should pave the way for the two sets of promised DLC pieces coming in the unspecified future.