Best Buy DotD for November 18th [US Only]

By litepink, 6 years ago
The deal today is perfect for those with young ones, or the young at heart., exclusive to Kinect, gets a sizeable price drop online for one day only. - 49.99 $24.99

Your favorite Sesame Street monsters, Elmo, Cookie Monster, Oscar, Grover and more have come across a long-lost children's book titled Once Upon a Monster. As they read through the pages, they soon become part of the action in this living storybook adventure. Only you can help your beloved monsters with the problems they encounter by exploring the book and using the interactive controls of the Kinect. Are you ready to explore the delightful and charming environments and help your favorite Sesame Street monsters?

Join your favorite Sesame Street monsters for an uplifting, funny family adventure on the Xbox 360 with Sesame Street: Once Upon a Monster. Featuring Elmo, Cookie Monster, Oscar, Grover and a cast of all-new characters, your child will become part of a living storybook adventure. Explore the fun book chapter by chapter, page by page and help the monster friends with their problems. Once Upon a Monster teaches social, emotional and other important life lessons through colorful and whimsical gameplay. Use the natural controller-free motions of the Kinect to interact with the monsters, play games and explore the enchanting environments. Each activity is designed to be fun by itself but the fun can be enhanced with the addition of a parent, sibling or friend thanks to drop-in/out co-op gameplay.
With the cash that you save, you can now easily justify buying next week's DLC. So go ahead and snag a great game at half off, we won't judge.

Sesame Street: Once Upon a Monster currently enjoys a 3.9 rating from the TA Community with a composite score of 79 on Metacritic. The game has 41 achievements worth 2,047 TA score.
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