Indie Games Spotlight for November 20th, 2011

By mancide, 7 years ago
Avatar Ninja allows you to put your avatar through some very difficult ninja training courses to see if you have what it takes to be a virtual ninja!

NINJA POWER! Prove your skills as a shadow warrior by beating other trainees in the ancient ninja training course! Races on top of water, killer traps, shurikens... Will your reflexes be up to the task?

RELEASE DATE: 5/15/2010
DEVELOPER: Milkstone Studios
GENRE: Action & Adventure

Offline players 1
Dolby Digital
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The game-play of this Indie Game is all about rhythm and exact timing of your button presses. You will be pressing the A button a lot throughout this game, as that is what keeps you in rhythm. You will be asked to jump over obstacles, slide under them, and even knock them down with your trusty throwing stars.

All of this sounds simple, and it definitely starts out easy to get you used to the concept. Then the difficulty ramps up quite quickly and only the quickest controller ninjas will be able to conquer this game.

While I found Avatar Ninja to be a challenging, fun title, it also brought to my attention the sequel, Avatar Ninja 2, which I will definitely check out to see if it is worthy of a future spotlight article.

If you want to keep training to be the best controller ninja on the planet, Avatar Ninja can be yours for 80 MSP.

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Written by mancide
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