Gears 3 Impossible Mission Detailed [UPDATED]

By Michelle Balsan, 7 years ago
Update: The region controversy is over! A tweet from the Official Gears 3 Twitter reveals that the skins are, in fact, region free, so go finish that campaign on Insane and get your skins!

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'Tis the season for movie tie-ins, apparently. Those of you who've kept your eyes on Gears of War 3's event calendar have likely noticed that it's been pitching an "Impossible Mission" challenge for some time. Rumors were rampant about what that event might be, but what we did know for sure was that an exclusive weapon skin would be granted to all who complete it.

Now, we have details to share with you. It turns out that the upcoming film, Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol is sponsoring both the "Mission: Impossible" Event and the free Versus Booster Pack that will be arriving on the Marketplace tomorrow.

So, what do you have to do to complete the Impossible Mission (obligatory "should you choose to accept it" line added)? It all boils down to two steps that you must complete.

One, you have to watch the Mission: Impossible trailer on Xbox LIVE. With that done, you can then get to the meat of the mission: completing the Gears of War 3 campaign on Insane Difficulty before December 25, 2011. This can be done in single-player or co-op. Epic did not specify if it has to be done in Arcade or Standard, though either mode will likely count. If you successfully complete both tasks, you'll receive a "Ghost Protocol" weapon skin for your Lancer, Hammerburst, Retro Lancer, Gnasher, and Sawed-off. According to Epic, all players who register and at least attempt to complete the campaign on Insane will have a chance to win other prizes as well.

For those of you who finished the campaign on Insane and aren't looking forward to trying that final battle again, don't panic as you won't need to beat the campain on Insane a second time. You, and all those folks who complete the Impossible Mission during the contest period, will receive your skins on December 31st.

In addition to all of this, gamers can visit the Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol experience once it appears on Xbox LIVE on November 24th for a chance to win Gears 3 and Mission: Impossible related swag. To enter, you can either watch the movie trailer on Xbox LIVE, text "Ghost Protocol" to 72579, or download the Mission: Impossible Gamer Pic and Theme Pack, which will be available for free. Each action gives you one entry, so why not do all three right?

Again, the "Versus Booster Map Pack" and the Impossible Mission both begin tomorrow, November 24th.

Good luck to all who enter!
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Written by Michelle Balsan
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