Red Dead Redemption 4x XP Event This Weekend

By litepink, 7 years ago
The folks at Rockstar are feeling a bit festive, and to thank the fans, they're offering up quadruple XP for the action-adventure western Red Dead Redemption.

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What better way to celebrate the holiday weekend than with some gluttonous fan appreciation XP levels whilst you dole out frontier justice all across the land in Red Dead multiplayer. Beginning at 12:01am Eastern on Thanksgiving Day, this Thursday November 24th - and lasting all the way through Sunday November 27th, feast on four times the normal amount of multiplayer XP in all versions of Red Dead Redemption and Undead Nightmare (including the recently released Game of the Year Edition).
The event is a great way to climb the ranks for those going for achievements like How the West Was Won or Legendary.

Although the event coincides with the U.S. holiday of Thanksgiving, don't fret, as 4x experience will be in effect for everyone worldwide.
Credit for this story goes to JDA27