Gears of War 3 Boosts Versus Mode

By Rebecca Smith, 7 years ago
Ardent Gears of War 3 would have already known about the impending arrival of the free "Booster Map Pack", which adds five new maps to every versus playlist. What nobody would have known is that this download is mandatory for those who wish to continue playing any of the online multiplayer modes - this includes Beast and Horde modes. On trying to join a playlist, players who haven't downloaded the pack will be greeted with an error message stating that the host is currently using content that you do not own. The content can then be downloaded at the press of a button. This is what you'll be downloading:

This required download to play on dedicated servers also adds five maps for public Versus play: two new--Bulletmarsh and Clocktower--and three previously only available for private matches (from Horde Command Pack)--Azura, Blood Drive, and Rustlung.
Those who want a sneak peek of the content that they are required to download should check out our previous trailers. The returning Gears of War map Clocktower gets a flythrough trailer here, with Bullet Marsh getting similar treatment here. The three "Horde Command Pack" maps can be seen in action here.

As well as going through the game itself, the "Booster Map Pack " DLC can be downloaded via the Xbox Dashboard as normal, or triggered from
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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