SoulCalibur V Costume Sneak Peek

By Rebecca Smith, 7 years ago
Mari Shimazaki may not be a name too familiar to most gamers. The designer worked at Capcom before transferring to Clover Studio, where she contributed to the development of Okami. In 2009 she transferred to Platinum Games, where her character designs were implemented into Bayonetta. Now working as a freelance designer, Project Soul has recruited Shimazaki to design the costumes for some of their characters in SoulCalibur V.

The three designs that have been showcased include the official costume for Leixia, and alternate costumes for Ivy and Tira.

24/11/11Leixia concept art

24/11/11 Leixia screenshot 1

24/11/11 Leixia screenshot 2

24/11/11 Ivy screenshot 1

24/11/11 Ivy screenshot 2

24/11/11 Ivy screenshot 3

24/11/11 Ivy screenshot 4

24/11/11 Ivy screenshot 5

24/11/11 Ivy screenshot 6

24/11/11 Ivy screenshot 7

24/11/11 Tira concept art

24/11/11 Tira screenshot 1

24/11/11 Tira screenshot 2

24/11/11 Tira screenshot 3

24/11/11 Tira screenshot 4

24/11/11 Tira screenshot 5

As a bonus to the SoulCalibur community, the official Facebook fan page has been the location of a public vote over the fighters that fans most want to see in a battle replay. The results of the first vote see Ezio and Viola battle it out. Keep an eye on the Facebook page if you'd like to make your vote known in the next poll.

SoulCalibur V is due to be released on January 31st in North America and February 3rd in Europe. Check out the details of the Limited Edition here.
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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