Indie Games Spotlight for November 27th, 2011

By mancide, 7 years ago
CosmicLord91 suggested I check out Angry Fish. Since I am a huge fan of the mobile game of a similar name, I had to give this one a try.

In this sequel to the critically acclaimed physics based action title FishCraft, the cats have gone too far!! Experience an epic tale of deceit and revenge as the fish take the fight to the cats homeland in 42 levels of extreme destruction.

RELEASE DATE: 9/16/2011
DEVELOPER: Frozen Software
GENRE: Action & Adventure

Offline players 1
Dolby Digital
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If you have played the game Angry Birds you know the basic concept of the game. You have a set number of fish to shoot at the blocks to knock them down and take revenge on the cats hiding beneath them. As you progress, your fish will gain special abilities to help you with your destruction.

The game played really well, my only complaint is some of the puzzles seemed a bit on the easy side. I was able to complete a lot of puzzles on the first shot, which is something I've never been able to do without hours of tweaking in Angry Birds.

Overall, this is a great little title to get you more of your Angry fix if you are a fan like myself. You can keep demolishing those cat hiding areas for the low price of 80 MSP.

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